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Coin Collecting
  • numismatics - Area of study relating to coins, medals, or similar items.
  • numismatist - A student or collector of coins, medals, or similar items.

Coin collecting has held man in its thrall for centuries and many of the famous collections in history are known to have given their owners great pleasure. For instance the Sun King, Louis XIV, enjoyed the French Royal Collection so much that he visited it every day, remarking that he could 'always find something new to learn'.

Coins are collectable for several reasons - their intrinsic value, as momentous of special occasions or simply as beautiful works of art. Undoubtedly many a collector when handling a favorite coin takes delight in speculating on the social, economical or political events that may have given rise to its issue or design. Some chronicle periods of romance, some chronicle periods of war. Oftentimes coins have been used as a medium of national pride. For example, when we look at the sovereigns of the Tudor monarchs we see the major coin of a new dynasty. Thus coins can talk when you learn their language.

By the nineteenth century great strides were being made in the field of numismatic research. To satisfy the ever growing demand, specialist books and periodicals were being published.

Modern numismatic coins, produced by any of the various mints around the world for collecting or gift giving, are miniature works of fine art that reflect the countries identity. Original works by famous artists are painstakingly reproduced by the Mint's master engravers in the minute detail you see portrayed on each coin. Every coin tells a story of discovery, adventure and natural beauty unique to their country and history, and reflects the pride in our great heritage on this earth.

Many people also collect circulation coins. Coins are one of the most telling legacies of society, and the study of them one of the most fascinating and exciting hobbies you can pursue. Imagine learning how the politics of the time is reflected in a country's coinage, or finding a rare coin worth many times it's face value in your pocket change . . .

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