"Serving the Collector Since 1972"

How To Sell Bullion To Our Company

We invite greater Dayton area residents to visit our store in Centerville, Ohio for your bullion transactions. If we are in a open market we will not confirm a selling price until you arrive in our store. At the time you arrive we will purchase your bullion for cash or by check (depending on the amount). Our check maybe cashed immediately at our bank.

NON-Dayton area residents must confirm our purchase price by telephone. When you call us we will give you an up to the minute price quote. If you decide you would like to sell bullion to us, we will give you a confirmation number. You will then need to send us your bullion the next business day. We reserve the right to not honor your transaction at the original price quoted if you did not send package in a timely fashion. We will then purchase the bullion using the current market price at the close of the business day we receive package.

CCJC/Ed Fritz
Buy Department
38 W. Franklin Street
Centerville, Ohio 45459

Instructions On How To Send Us Your Items

Please package your bullion carefully, and insure it for an amount you feel is appropriate just in case the package gets lost in transit. We also recommend that you get a return signature receipt that will notify you when we receive the package. We are not responsible for shipments until we actually receive them, regardless of the value of the shipment.

PLEASE include your name, phone number, e-mail address and return mail address inside the package. Any shipments that do not have this information may be delayed indefinitely until we have been able to contact you and get the correct information.