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Care & Handling of Coins

Careless Handling. Un-encapsulated coins are subject to nicks and wear, which reduce the grade and value of the coin. In general, collectible coins should be handled carefully to avoid the possibility of causing wear or introducing substances that may lead to spots or color changes. Many holders will provide adequate protection for ordinary handling. Before removing a coin from its holder, consider whether it's really necessary. Never touch an uncirculated or proof coin anywhere but the edge. Fingerprints alone may reduce the coin's grade and consequently its value. Handling on the edge only is mandatory when examining another person's coins, regardless of grade. Get in the habit of picking up collectible coins by their edges, and it will soon become routine. Always avoid touching the coin unnecessarily, as dirt and grease from your fingers will mar the finish over time. Avoid holding coins in front of your mouth. Small particles of moisture may eventually cause spots. When setting a coin down or viewing them outside of a holder, place it on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is an ideal surface and essential for regular handling of valuable material. A clean soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper may be sufficient for less valuable items. Never drag coins across any surfaces.

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