"Serving the Collector Since 1972"

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We are a full service rare coin and precious metals dealer. We maintain a two way market, buying and selling, in all rare, collectable and bullion coins. We buy coins in any condition. No collection is to small or to large. Our coin personnel have an extensive background in numismatics.

We buy scarce and rare coins, world coins, Proof & mint sets, commemorative issues, type coins, proof and pattern coins. We specialize in U.S. Gold Coins and U.S. Peace & Morgan Dollars.

Up to the minute price quotes on all gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars available. Please refer to How To Sell Bullion if you are interested in selling bullion.

We invite greater Dayton area residents to visit our store in Centerville, Ohio for a free evaluation of your coins. All transactions are confidential and immediate payment will be made.

If you are in the greater Dayton area and are unable to physically come to our store, please call us at 1-937-436-3003 for arrangements to view your collection. Out-of-town residents please read on.

Please e-mail our coin department with a list or brief description of the coins you want to sell and a phone number where we can speak with you. We will e-mail you back a confirmation if we are INTERESTED or NOT INTERESTED in your coin(s). This will save both parties a lot of time.

If any of the following information is available include it in the e-mail. Written appraisals are not necessary, just the information if it is available.

  1. Please put the condition of your coin(s).
  2. Please put the sell value of your coin(s) or what you are asking.
  3. If you are selling a quantity of the same coin, include the quantity.
  4. Please put the words SELL or TRADE. Please only write trade if you are interested in upgrading coin(s) from our selection.

Once we confirm we are interested in your coins(s), please send the coin(s), plus our e-mail confirming we are interested (a copy of the e-mail is VERY IMPORTANT) to us at:

CCJC/Ed Fritz
Buy Department
38 W. Franklin Street
Centerville, Ohio 45459

Instructions On How To Send Us Your Items

Please pack the coin(s) carefully, and insure them for an amount you feel is appropriate just in case they get lost in transit. We also recommend that you get a return signature receipt that will notify you when we receive the coins. We are not responsible for shipments until we actually receive them, regardless of the value of the shipment.

PLEASE include your name, phone number, e-mail address and return mail address in your package. Any shipments that do not have this information or a e-mail confirmation from us will be delayed indefinitely until we have been able to contact you and get the correct information.

One last very important item you need to know; we have very strict graders. If you grade the coin(s), or have them graded by someone else, we reserve the right NOT to buy them if they are not represented correctly or to our specifications. We will contact you if we have any discrepancies.

If you choose to sell or trade your coin(s) to us we will refund you a reasonable shipping fee. If you choose NOT to sell us your coin(s) you will be responsible for any shipping and handling fees, this includes long distance phone bills, we incur to return coin(s).

Please note you will not receive a written appraisal of any kind for your coins! Written appraisals can be prepared for you at a fee. Please contact us by phone (937) 436-3003, for rates on appraising your coins, jewelry and stamps or visit our Appraisal Services page for more information.

We also buy and sell antique and period jewelry. Our jewelry department includes trained diamond and gem stone personnel and an instructor on antique and period jewelry. If you are interested in selling jewelry you can find more information at How To Sell Gold, Silver, Antique Jewelry or email us about selling your jewelry.