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U.S. Coins

United States Type Coin Sets

Each set contains the major changes in design of the coins and are framed in your choice of black or white Capital Plastics Holder. Coins are graded good or better. Dates our choice, unless indicated.

CentType Coin Set

Cents - Includes the Large Cent, Flying Eagle Cent, Indian Head Cent, Wheat Cent & a Lincoln Memorial Cent. (Capital Holder #412A)


Cent Type Set

$72.00 Each

Nickel Type Coin Set

Nickels - Includes the Half Dime, Shield Nickel, Liberty or "V" Nickel, Buffalo Nickel & a Jefferson Nickel. (Capital Holder #412B)


Nickel Type Set

$55.00 Each

Dime Type Coin Set

Dimes - Includes the Bust Dime, Seated Liberty Dime, Barber Dime, Mercury Dime & a Roosevelt Dime. (Capital Holder #412C)


Dime Type Set

$76.00 Each

Quarter Type Coin Set

Quarters - Includes the Seated Liberty Quarter, Barber Quarter, Standing Liberty Quarter, Washington Quarter & a Bicentennial Quarter. The Bust Quarter is optional. (Capital Holder #441)


Quarter Type Set

Complete Set with Bust Quarter - $160.00 Each. Set without Bust Quarter - $65.00 Each.

Half Dollar Type Coin Set

Half Dollars - Includes the Seated Liberty Half, Barber Half, Walking Liberty Half, Franklin Half, Kennedy Half & a Bicentennial Half Dollar. Bust Half Dollar is optional. (Capital Holder #429B)


Half Dollar Type Set

Complete Set with Bust Half Dollar - $205.00 Each. Set without Bust Half Dollar - $120.00 Each.

Dollar Type Coin Set

Dollars - Includes the Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar, Susan B. Anthony Dollar & the Silver American Eagle. (Capital Holder #424B)


Dollar Type Set

$160.00 Each

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